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Tunnel Neue Weinsteige

The urban railway section from Charlottenplatz to Degerloch links up the city centre on the valley floor with the Filder district located some 200 m higher. The Neue Weinsteig Tunnel is 1,285 m long and overcomes a difference in elevation of 90 m with a 7 % gradient. The route is in the shape of a long drawn out S curve. Roughly in the middle of the tunnel route, in other words, after some 600 m, a 240 m long emergency exit was set up. Rescue vehicles are able to reach the main tunnel via this service tunnel. The waste air plant was also installed in the middle of the tunnel, which supports the natural ventilation of the tunnel if need be. The main tunnel has an excavated cross-section of approx. 62 m², which was expanded to around 120 m², about 1 km above the starting shaft for a future branch line in the direction of Sillenbuch. This branch line was subsequently continued in the form of two single-track tubes. The entire tunnel was driven using the shotcreting construction method, as it could best be adjusted technically and economically to the changing ground conditions. The support was placed immediately following the excavation and consisted of a combination of shotcrete, anchors, steel arches and plates depending on the rock conditions that were encountered. The tunnel was provided with two shells. The shotcrete outer shell was installed to immediately support the rock. The WU concrete inner shell as the final watertight tunnel lining is separated by a non-woven fabric layer from the outer shell. The 40 cm thick inner shell was first installed once the driving operations had been completed.


  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Baden-Württemberg
  • Tunnel utilization: Traffic
  • Type of utilization: Underground, urban and rapid transit
  • Client: Stadt Stuttgart
  • Main construction method: Trenchless
  • Type of excavation: Excavator
  • Lining: In-situ concrete formwork (WP concrete)
  • No. of tubes: 1
  • Tunnel total length: 1285 m
  • Cross-section: 60- 160 m²
  • Contract Volume: 55 mill. DM
  • Construction start/end: 1981-1985 (42 months)
  • Opening: 1985