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BIM Model requirements, Part 5: Allowance of tolerances and superelevation

The DAUB recommendation "Digital Design, Building and Operation of Underground Structures - BIM in Underground Construction" published in May 2019 was created with the aim of providing a basic understanding of the use of BIM in underground construction. Based on this recommendation, the publication of Model Requirements Part 1 followed a year later, which deals with the basic understanding of the model structure with uniform designations for typical tunnel construction objects and associated object information.

As Part 5 of the series of recommendations, this document deals with the basic handling of and consideration of allowed tolerances and superelevations in 3D planning.

After an overview of the current initial situation in the three D-A-CH countries, the relevant use cases in the course of modeling are discussed. This is followed by an explanation of the requirements for the model and recommendations for implementation. The final chapter provides an outlook on later points of contact in the implementation phase.

It can be assumed that this recommendation will be successively adapted to evolving practical experience and requirements over the next few years.

All DAUB recommendations (divided into the subsections BIM, Contract, Tunnelling, Finishing, Occupational health and safety and Withdrawn) can be found in the download area.

The new recommendation has been assigned to the "BIM (Building information modeling)" subsection.