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The DAUB has been given a structure that brings together the main groups involved in underground construction projects. Essentially three pillars are equally represented: authorities and builders, scientists and planners and  building contractors and manufacturers. These three groups are represented, each with up to ten outstanding and experienced individuals in DAUB. New members of this group are selected solely responsible and independent from the circle of peers. The Presidency is perceived alternately at intervals of three years by a representative from one of the three groups. Participation in DAUB is honorary. Aims and goals as from the statues:

The DAUB has the task of promoting and further developing underground construction and dealing with all related issues, in particular

  • Coordination of work in the field of underground construction
  • Collection and dissemination of technical information on underground construction
  • stimulation, selection and evaluation of research and development work
  • Demand forecast and collection of planning data on future planned underground structures
  • Cooperation in the preparation of laws, standards, guidelines, safety regulations, etc.
  • Promotion of engineering education in the field of underground construction
  • Participation in international works dealing with underground construction.


Any individual who is prepared to provide his best knowledge and experience regarding underground construction and building altruistically can become a member of DAUB. Membership should be made up in equal parts from representatives of public authorities, science and industry.

The maximum membership should not exceed 30 members. Admission of new members requires endorsment of 2/3 of a duly convened committee meeting. Term of office is 3 years, with re-election being possible.

Withdraw of membership can be declared by a written note to the chair at any time. On request of the chair, a committee meeting can exclude a member, should it not meet its obligations within DAUB. The decision can be taken with a 2/3 majority only.

Executive Management

The committee meeting elected Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker (STUVA) as managing director in October 2008.

The Organisation has its registered office in Cologne, Germany.