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Recommendations for Project Risk Management in Underground Construction

The "Recommendations for Project Risk Management in Underground Construction" were prepared and published by the DAUB working group of the same name as of June 2022.

Construction is fundamentally a risky process in which both hazards and opportunities can arise. This is particularly true for underground construction, where partial ignorance of the existing conditions implies a constant uncertainty and thus opens up a constant space for the occurrence of events from risks.

With the present recommendation, the DAUB intends to make a significant contribution to the implementation of integrated project risk management for underground structures. This recommendation cannot and does not intend to present any ready-made "recipes", but rather to offer assistance as a general recommendation for action in the project-specific development of one's own approach to risk management. Experience has shown that the boundary conditions of underground mining projects are too heterogeneous to allow a general approach to be developed for all applications.

All DAUB recommendations (divided into the subsections BIM, Contract, Excavation, Support, Health and Safety and Withdrawn) can be found in the download area.

The new recommendation has been assigned to the subsection "Tendering, Awarding, Contactual Issues".