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Working paper: Sustainability in Underground Construction. Basics, Boundary Conditions and Objectives

The preservation of natural resources for current and future generations has preoccupied society and politics for a long time. At the same time, there is a continuing need for living space, work, education, mobility, supply/disposal and the exchange of services and goods. These needs should continue to be met in the future, keeping in consideration the sustainability goals. For this purpose, Germany‘s infrastructure must be significantly upgraded and, where necessary, expanded. Underground construction makes a significant contribution to the preservation and expansion of infrastructure. At present, there are no guidelines available for the sustainable construction of underground facilities and their assessment from the point of view of sustainability. The German Tunnelling Committee (DAUB) will therefore issue recommendations for the realisation and evaluation of sustainable underground construction. These are expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This paper presents the topic, the current boundary conditions and the objectives.

All DAUB recommendations (divided into the subsections BIM, Tendering/Contracting, Mechanized Tunnelling, Linings, Health Protection) can be found in the publications area.

The new recommendation has been assigned to the "Tendering, Awarding, Contractual Issues" subsection.