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Recommendations for the Determination of Lifecycle Costs for Tunnels

2nd Edition, 2024

One significant pillar of sustainability is the estimation of lifecycle costs, which include not only construction cost but also the costs of operation, maintenance and repair. New research work has been undertaken in this field, in which procedures for the forecasting of lifecycle costs have been further developed for special application to tunnels. All types of cost are collected in an overall model for the calculation of lifecycle costs. In this way, the most favourable solution for the overall tunnel can be determined. Variant studies can be performed to compare and evaluate individual components and construction elements. In the present revision of 2023, the recommendations for road tunnels are updated. In addition, recommendations for the application of "public transport tunnels" are supplemented. Furthermore, instructions for the application to rail tunnels including high-speed traffic are given.

All DAUB recommendations (divided into the subsections BIM, Tendering/Contracting, Mechanized Tunnelling, Linings, Health Protection) can be found in the publications area.

The new recommendation has been assigned to the "Tendering, Awarding, Contractual Issues" subsection.