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Recommendations BIM in Tunnelling

Digitalisation is currently having a great effect on many branches of industry, while also being an important current theme in the construction industry, with the aim of achieving sustainable use for all involved parties and society overall. Information about construction works, in this recommendation particularly underground works, should be provided to decision makers more quickly and with a consistently high quality and in easily readable form for individual decisions.

Digitalisation arrived in construction and particularly in infrastructure rather late when compared to other branches of industry. To a significant extent, this is due to the very high complexity in the value added chain in construction. Now however, the gap to the other industry branches should be closed.

Recommendations of the German Tunnelling Committee DAUB normally provide „best practice“ solutions for underground construction in Germany, but none is yet available for the subject of „Building Information Modelling“ (BIM). Many first isolated solutions have been developed in the course of pilot projects, but the required degree of standardisation is still lacking. The hereby present document therefore describes solutions that are possible today based on projects known to DAUB. In the final chapter, recommendations are also given for expert bodies and politicians in order for the necessary constraints related to the subject to be created so that the standardisation necessary for the next stages of digitalisation can be achieved. It is to be expected that this recommendation will have to be adapted to future conditions in a few years.

This document should contribute to orienting and accelerating the forthcoming steps of development.

The full texts of all GTC recommendations are available for free download here.