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BIM in Tunnelling | Webinar on DAUB Recommendation

Digitalisation is currently spreading rapidly in many areas of the economy. It is also a major topic in the construction industry, with the aim of achieving sustainable benefits for all stakeholders and society. Information on construction assets – and especially for underground structures – should be made available to decision makers more quickly and in a consistent, high quality, easily readable form to support individual decisions.

Compared to other branches of industry, digitalisation arrived in construction industry and particularly in infrastructure rather late. To a significant extent, this is due to the very high complexity in the value added chain in construction. Now however, the gap to the other industry branches is to be closed. Many first isolated solutions have been developed in the course of pilot projects, but the required degree of standardisation has been lacking for quite some time.

Therefore, DAUB, the German Tunnelling Committee (Deutscher Ausschuss für unterirdisches Bauen), took the initiative and prepared a recommendation on digital design, building and operation of underground structures, called “BIM in tunnelling”. This document has been published in 2019 and has been amended by additional “Model requirements” published in 2020. The work was supported by the Austrian and Swiss partner associations.

The planned webinar gives a comprehensive overview of the basics of BIM in underground construction in general, and the contents of the developed recommendation in particular. It will start from the current situation and will show the application of BIM in tunnelling, as well as provide assistance for efficient practical use.

The webinar is therefore addressed to employees of clients, designers, planners, construction companies, suppliers, and operators. The webinar is scheduled as a half-day event.