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Aubing Tunnel

The Aubing Tunnel represents the core of the west section of the A 99, Munich's motorway ring, which is currently under construction. The tunnel is designed in the form a closed, 2-cell frame made of watertight concrete in the lower section. For the upper section, a 2-field frame on strip foundations as well as a watertight trough secured against uplift at both ramps connected with the tunnel portals was produced. The entire Aubing Tunnel was produced via cut-and-cover. A construction method with watertight sheet piling walls that conserved the groundwater was chosen for the ramps, the lower section and the transition zones. Over a length of 1,425 m the tunnel is located up to a depth of 7.50 m in groundwater. In order to minimise the influence of the tunnel on the groundwater flow, the tunnel was constructed in 10 sections. These so called "docks" are up to 250 m long. It is intended to complete the installation of the tunnel operating technology by the end of 2005 to ensure that the western section of the Munich motorway ring can be opened for traffic prior to the start of the 2006 World Cup finals. The Guidelines for Furnishing and Operating Road Tunnels (RABT), edition 2003, form the basis for planning and executing the operational furnishings. A series of special measures is foreseen as the safety precautions in a motorway tunnel of this length have recently been tightened up:

  • 2 directionally-separate tunnel tubes each with continuous marginal strips (hard shoulders) and emergency footpaths at both sides
  • emergency exits set up at 60 m gaps linking up with the other tube as well as additional exits into the open at roughly 450 m intervals
  • complete video monitoring with automatic incident detection
  • via a superordinated guidance system, the supervisory staff in the Traffic Control Centre (VRZ) at Munich Freimann as well as the police station in Munich West and the responsible motorway maintenance agency at lnning are provided with the relevant operating and emergency reports as well as the images from the video circuit 24 hours per day
  • continuous optic guidance for traffic by means of self-illuminating marking elements (LED lights) on the verges of the emergency footpaths.

Landscaping around the tunnel will be completed by 2007.


  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Bavaria
  • Tunnel utilization: Traffic
  • Type of utilization: Road tunnel
  • Client: Federal Republic of Germany, Free State of Bavaria, Autobahndirektion Südbayern
  • Consulting Engineer: Schmitt Stumpf Frühauf + Partner Ing.-Gesellschaft, Brüninger & Co. Engineering, lgl, Putz+ Partner und Eberhard Schumann
  • Construction monitoring: Autobahndirektion Südbayern - Maisach Construction Management
  • Contractor: Berger Bau GmbH, Porr Technobau GmbH
  • Main construction method: Cut-and-cover
  • Type of excavation: Excavator
  • No. of tubes: 1
  • Tunnel total length: 1,935 m with additional ramps of 200 and 290 m
  • Cross-section: 2-cell rectangular cross-section, clear Standard width 2 x 14.00 m
  • Contract Volume: approx. € 73 million
  • Construction start/end: October 2002 to December 2005
  • Opening: 2005