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Cologne North-South Urban Light Railway, Construction Stages 2 and 3

2nd Construction Stage The 2nd construction stage (green) joins up with the 1st construction stage underground at the Banner Wall Station and runs directly towards the east. It subsequently reaches the surface and connects with the existing Rhine Embankment route. Work on the first jobs (bored piling and diaphragm wall) began in January 2009. The 2nd construction stage is to go into service at the same time as the 1st stage. 3rd Construction Stage The 3rd construction stage (blue) runs on the surface over a distance of 2,100 m from the last station of the 1st construction stage (Marktstraße) towards the south and ends at the roundabout for the federal motorway 555. A P+R facility is also scheduled to be built here. Four stations are to be set up along this surface route. The planning work has been embarked on in order to submit the planning approval documents.


  • Country: Germany
  • Region: North Rhine Westphalia
  • Tunnel utilization: Traffic
  • Type of utilization: Underground, urban and rapid transit
  • Client: Kölner-Verkehrsbetriebe AG
  • Consulting Engineer: • TransTec Bauplanungs- und Managementgesellschaft Hannover mbH • SSF Ingenieure GmbH
  • Construction monitoring: Kölner-Verkehrsbetriebe AG
  • Contractor: Hochtief Construction AG
  • Main construction method: Open/trenchless
  • No. of tubes: 2
  • Tunnel total length: 850 m
  • Construction start/end: 2023