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Eckenbergtunnel, B292, Adelsheim

In the course of the B292 the construction of the 295m long Eckenberg tunnel was necessary to relieve Adelsheim and Osterburken.

The Eckenbergtunnel was excavated in the closed construction method except for the portal areas east and west. The tunnel has a static sole vault throughout and is designed as a waterproof concrete structure. The standard block length is 10m.

The tunnel has a constant gradient of 0.5% from the east portal to the west portal. The transverse slope of the tunnel is a constant 3.5%. The tunnel tube has two lanes, each with a width of 3.75m and 1m wide emergency walkways. The clear width is thus 9.5m, the clear height at least 4.5m.

In the area of the Eckenberg, the upper and middle Muschelkalk can be found with intensive karstification.

The operational equipment of the tunnel was designed according to RABT 2006. The associated operating building is located near the east portal.


  • Region: Adelsheim, B292, Baden-Württemberg 
  • Tunnel use: Road 
  • Client: Fed. state/Land Baden-Württemberg on behalf of Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe 
  • Planner: Müller+Hereth Ingenieurbüro für Tunnel- und Felsbau GmbH 
  • Contractor: Baresel Tunnelbau GmbH 
  • Construction method(s): trenchless (excavator)
  • Tunnel length: 295 m
  • Cross section: 101 m²
  • Costs: 11.99 million € (construction works)/ 1.4 million € (operating technology)  
  • Construction time: 05/2012 to 05/2017
  • Start of operation: 05/2017